Winner of Boston Magazine's Best of Boston 2008 for North Shore hair salon, Shanti Salon is located in The Tannery in Newburyport.

LAQA & Co. is a New York based cosmetic brand that’s about more than just beauty. We offer über convenience as standard. And a little bit of altruism in every box.

We began with the Nail Polish Pen - high gloss nail lacquer in a pen, so you can easily do your nails anywhere in just a few clicks. And followed up with the Fat Lip Pencil, a glossy lip pencil in a handy jumbo pencil - that needs no sharpener.

Mind you, these aren’t just pens or pencils - they’re little pieces of art too. We cover our packaging in unique artwork by young artists looking to get their work seen by lots and lots of people. And our Artists get a cut of the profit from every product purchased. Just below you'll see a different artist featured every month. So spread the word...

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